Weathering the Storms in Recovery


Imagine the surface of the ocean during a storm with strong gusting winds, rain pouring down, giant waves crashing, flashes of lightening, and deafening thunder. Sometimes that is like the surface of our lives. It’s chaotic, loud, and overwhelming. Now imagine for a minute that same ocean 30 to 40 feet below the surface -it’s calmness, stillness and silence. Sometimes we must drop below the surface of our lives, go inside, and find that peaceful place where our spirits reside. We hold ourselves gently like we might hold an infant. We ride the in breath and out breath with moment-to-moment awareness. We remember that we are exactly where we are supposed to be in this moment, and each moment to come. We accept this moment as if we hand selected it. We drop into acceptance. We give ourselves a break. We do not go within to check-out from reality, but rather, to check-in with ourselves. We stay there as long as it takes, or until we are ready to return to the surface, and ride the waves of our lives. The waves rise and fall, like our thoughts. A thought comes, we recognize its’ presence, and then it slowly subsides. We cannot stop the wave, nor can we hold onto it. We simply ride the waves of emotions as we weather the storm.

Stop and remember the worst storm of your life. Re-visit that time when you felt as though you were drowning in emotions, pain, and despair. Allow yourself to feel that again for a few moment. Now drop back into the present moment,…and be grateful you are no longer there. If you are not currently weathering a storm be grateful, but remember others around you may be struggling to keep their head above water. Reach out to them.

The storms of our lives inevitably come, as surely as the seasons will change in our lives. We cannot stop the storms, nor should we try. There is always a way to weather the storms of our lives, just as we endure the passing of a loved one, a broken heart, an episode of depression, or the despair of addiction. The grief, sadness, trauma, anxiety and depression can be likened to the conditions of the storm. The storms are of our lives sometimes feel as though they are going to kill us….and for some they do. That’s why it is important we do not weather the storm alone. If you or a loved one is struggling to weather a personal storm please remember that help is available. We’ll go to them, and stay with them until they are ready to return to the surface of their lives and back into your arms.

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